Part 6 of the Bringing Baby Home Series 2021: Odds & Ends

Early on in Bumbershoots by Nana's Bringing Baby Home series, we hit upon some of the "bigger" categories: safe sleep space, feeding, diapers, clothing, and travel.  This month, we're talking about those less "sexy" odds and ends that are the unsung heroes.  





  1. Infant Bath


  1. Baby-safe Hair and Body Wash


  1. Lotion





Wants that Border on Needs:


  1. Diaper Bag. Diaper bags are a matter of style, primarily, but you do want to ensure they are easy to carry, contain a changing pad (SO IMPORTANT), and have enough room for diapers and wipes (to include the dirty ones), clothing changes (to include a shirt for you!), phones, wallets, baby rattles and toys, burp clothes, etc. You get the gist.  You will also want one that is easy to clean.  For a list of top diaper bags, click here.


  1. Baby Carriers/Baby Wearers. Carriers/wearers aren’t technically needed, but they make life SO much easier. Not only do they help with baby bonding and comforting, they allow you to use your hands at the same time.  I often wore my son when going for walks, preparing meals, traveling.  It really was an item I used almost every single day.  Moreover, since they can be used starting as a newborn (if you buy one that is designed for newborns or has a newborn insert), they are incredibly useful from the outset. 


There are a variety of types: wraps, ring slings, soft-structured carriers, and hybrids.  Which is best for you depends on personal preference.  We had the Moby (way too complicated for me to negotiate, but mommas everywhere love them), the Ergo Baby with the Newborn Insert, and the Baby Bjorn.  Although a much-loved quality item, my son was born in August and Ergo Baby insert really overheated him – to the point it wasn’t usable.  Ultimately, the Baby Bjorn worked best for us.  For a list of top baby carriers, click here.   


  1. Stroller. “Buying a new baby stroller isn’t all that different from buying a new car. You’ll want to ask yourself some of the same questions: How good is the suspension? What kind of terrain can the stroller handle? How does it deal with turns? And what’s the storage like?”  Yes, strollers have many features to consider, but buying a stroller that works for you and makes life easier is worth the research.  We had a Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller with all the components – diaper bag carrier latches, newborn insert, etc..  It was AWESOME.  However, it was heavy and not something I could easily use when puttering round the shops.  For help navigating stroller options, click here.


  1. Thermometer


  1. Nose Frieda.

 Blog Photo by Garrett Jackson on Unsplash  (Thank you!)