Five Awesome Baby-specific Apps for New Parents


We all know that times they are a changing and apps are where it’s at.  Even while parenting!  Not only can apps help you get pregnant by tracking your ovulation cycles and alerting you to prime fertility, they can help you identify sleep and feeding patterns, find the best price on diapers, and heck, even keep track of your baby!  Here are our choices – in no particular order - for five awesome apps for new parents.

  1. Baby and Child First Aid – This app, brought to you by British Red Cross, enables parents and caregivers to learn first aid care for babies and children. The app offers skills videos with step-by-step instructions and animations, first aid information, expert tips and advice, a place to record your child’s medication needs and allergies, FAQs on 17 first aid scenarios, and preparation checklists.  Please note that the emergency numbers provided in the app are unique to the UK, but the information provide is relevant everywhere.  Available for iOS and Android.  Free.

  2. Baby Pics  - This app helps you capture your weekly baby bump growth, baby’s first kick, first steps, messy moments, and other daily joys or milestone moments and enhance them 350+ beautifully crafted artwork overlays and personalized text notations.  The app also facilitates secured sharing.  Ranked #1 photo app in 90+ countries.  Available for iOS and Android.  Free.

  3. Baby Monitor 3G – New parents are inundated with things to buy and traveling with a very small child often results in traveling with a gazillion items and not enough space to carry them all.  This app helps you save money and takes one thing off your packing list.  The app creates in your phone, tablet and computer, an HD- quality video and baby monitor that allows you to hear every noise, stream live video and even comfort your baby remotely.  Consequently, you don’t have to buy a baby monitor or pack one when you travel.  It supports both Wi-Fi and cellular 3G/LTE networks, giving you baby monitoring capabilities with reach that is unaffected by distance.  It also creates an activity log, which helps you determine sleeping patterns, plays lullabies, and has many other convenient features.  It works anywhere internet is accessible.  Available for iOS and Android.  $3.99

  4. Ovia Parenting: Newborn and Baby Tracker – This app is multi-functional, providing health and development trackers, updates on your baby’s development delivered directly to your timeline, thousands of free expert articles about baby’s development and parenting tips. It allows you to log your baby’s daily feedings, diapers, sleep, and developmental milestones week by week, upload photographs and videos, and securely share your family’s most memorable moments.  Ovia also has a great fertility app for when you are ready to work on baby #2!  Available for iOS and Android.  Free.

  5. Milk Maid – This app is great for pumping mothers. It helps you track pumping time and output, your stash, baby’s consumption and use of milk. You can track milk storage supplies in different locations that you can set up (i.e. home, office, daycare fridges), and you can view and export pumping and feeding stats. It also has an alarm to remind you that it’s time to pump.  iOS.  $2.99

Do you have any apps that you really find useful?  Give them a shout-out in our comments section! 





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