Yellow Zoo Jammies

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  • Toddler Jammies --  Designed to Facilitate Mobility for Baby's First Steps -- Contact Nana at 443-990-2207 or to start the design process if you want a custom version -- any fabric.
  • Impeccable Luxury with Hand-Crafted, Heirloom-Quality Construction
  • Minky (Low Pile Plush) Exterior, Reversed Lined with Snuggly Flannel to Protect Baby's Tender Skin -- So Soft to Touch
  • Research-Based Design to Foster Physical & Emotional Development
    • Chest Snaps to Hold Bumber Securely in Place
    • Side Zipper and Shoulder Snaps for Easy Nighttime Diaper Changes
  • Easy Care -- Machine Wash & Dry on Cool Cycle
  • Moms Tell Us -- Bumbers Give Everyone a Wonderful Night's Sleep